Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spawn Is On

photo: Kameron Brown


A simple word that means so much. Especially to the angler, hunter, gardener, and just about anyone that spends time in and amongst nature. For bass fisherman, the word Spring means game time. Time to shred some shallow water greenies.

A good friend of mine from Latitude 33 Fishing Charters, Dustin Sergent called me up with some exciting news.... Spring time BASS SPAWN IS ON! Shallow water pre-spawn/spawning bed fish, are a once a year ordeal. Big bass move up into the shallows to spawn while staying tight to shorelines in and amongst tule reeds or bottom contour ledges. It gives bass fisherman some sight fishing action that doesn't come up too often. On this lake, a typical bed fish male is around the 4-5lb range and the females range from 5 lb.s on up to the 12 lb.+ mark.....

We hit the lake just after sunrise and once visibility came up, so did the fish. Dustin and I switched off the entire day consistently connecting on quality fish...... one chunk after another. We saw some MONSTER females that did not want to play but plenty of males in the 5 lb. range that were flaring their gills, ready to fight for their ladies. We managed to boat over 10 fish of this size, we drank ice cold Oscar Blues beer, ate sandwiches as big as our heads, dusted a bag of chips and salsa, and went home completely burnt with a smile from ear to ear.

photo: Dustin Sergent 

photo: Kameron Brown 

photo: Kameron Brown 

photo: Dustin Sergent 

photo: Dustin Sergent 

photo: Dustin Sergent 

photo: Kameron Brown 

photo: Kameron Brown 

photo: Kameron Brown 

photo: Dustin Sergent 

photo: Kameron Brown 

photo: Kameron Brown 

photo: Kameron Brown

Latitude 33 Fishing Charters
Contat Dustin Sergent for some ultimate So-Cal Bass and Carp.

Epic 888 Rod - Howler Bros x Swift Colab

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Howler Bros
Spring 2017

Saturday, December 8, 2012

 A new website has been created for Who is Kameron Brown. It will be updated daily with new and upcoming travels, ideas, and some insane shredding.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ghetto Juice Magazine

April/May- '12
-Tip Ridin-

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aize Eyes?

an absolute insane photo by shawn parkin

an aqua phenom forest

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Koala Khronicles

A Film by my good man Taylor Birdman Larison....

The stoke you get from traveling is huge. Freedom, beers, food, girls, parties, beer, good waves.....
Here is a documentation of Taylor's first encounter with the waves in Queensland, Australia.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Slide Magazine March 2012

      There's something about the ocean that sets me free. I have the most fun every time I get in the water. Here is a photo, shot by Shawn Parkin, during an amazing session, right here in Southern California... Shawn is absolutely an awesome photographer. Many of his shots seem to capture a specific feeling and here you can see the joy I get from riding these little water mountains....

     Thank you Ryan Smith. You're magazine has kept the stoke alive and appreciate you for sharing it with us....

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Canvas Surfboards 

5'7" HotTub

 Probably one of thee sickest boards.
Fun Factor is exceeding sky high...