Thursday, September 23, 2010


Somehow it was 8:45 p.m. wednesday and got this great idea to go fishing... Try this new spot we thought might actually have cat fish. If it's true, we'd be getting double hook ups all night, drags wizzin', us a laughin.

We ended catching the biggest skunk I have ever caught! Nothing! Not one fish.... not one bite.... hahaha shit... But, at least I know to never go there again and if anyone ever asks where good cat fishing is, i'll know where to send em ;).

Long story short, I was in Albertson's in Dana Point getting bait, (chicken livers and hotdogs.. my favorite) and I see this bright SHINING object outa the corner of my eye. It's this freakishly dressed guy resembling some sort of Michael Jackson, David Bowie contraption with a shiny silver head turban thingy, nails as long as acrylics on women in the 80's, and some sort of rad Nepolian Dynimite moon shoes.

Managed to take a photo of him in action. His name is Scott. (:


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last seen in this TV...



Tales of Matt Cuddihy.

Once upon a time there was this boy.. Matt. Matt loves to surf. Matt loves photography. He travels to distant lands to explore his mind and become one with the wind. Sano is his hide-out. He lurks in the shadows of the day and eats Acai bowls only. -Reward- $1...... Help me find him.

-photos courtesy of Matt Turtlihy

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shesh Juan 2

Building a Surfboard

Still in the very beginning process of building my surfboard. I have been thinking non stop about this board. Imagining myself using the tools and trying to imagine myeslf actually using a planer? I have come to realize I either really suck at using a planer, or it is just very awkard because of never using anything like this before?

I got to Maxx's house about mid afternoon ready to get to work. Last time I template, cut, and fine tuned rails of the blank. Today is the first time to ever use a planer. Had no idea about how different and foreign that planer was going to feel like in my hands. I really had no means or ideas of how I was going to take on this task. I mean, I know you push the trigger and vroooom vrooom it cuts the blank, but never usederstood how the shoe works, differnt angels, etc. Maxx was right there helping me and answering any questions I had. He told me to ask a million questions. "Kam, you need to feel almost awkard for asking so many questions. You can't learn unless you ask."

He gave me the run down and a few pointers. Before I knew it, I had already done a few passes without really even realizing it. WOW was all I could think. The foam looks so freaking good comapred to the outside skin layer. I am actually making a surfboard...? (: I can't believe it. Maxx keeps telling me I am doing great and to keep it up. I couldn't be more stoked.

I eneded up skinning the deck, the bottom, and did a few passes to start the rails on the deck. Suprisingly took a couple hours! hahaha SLOW but SURELY...

We talked and talked, I asked and asked, I learn and learned. So amping on the next time back to Maxx's layer. We took a good look at it. Shared some thoughts and suggestions, and called it a night.

Nuggest Chaser

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love Surfing

My life has flown by in the blink of an eye.... literally got a plane and flew. I started surfing when I was 15 years old and am now 21... 6 years has honestly felt like 6 weeks.... I remember surfing thalia street on an 8 foot red soft top... eventually faded to pink... and surfing tiny boneyard absolutely frothing out of my teeth. It's pretty crazy to see how influential surfing has been on my life. Probably the biggest impact on me so far. It was taught mew how to almost live my life. Taught me many good lessons. I hope to keep surfing and keep smiling. It's why I started.....

Here are a few photos from what I would like to say, 2007 .

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good friends of mine Bobby Harrison and Adam Page, took me on what was my first fresh water night fishing, for carp! I thought carp were pooy fish that smelled and deserved to not be alive but, I come to find out they are of the best fighting, very smart fresh water fish. These things can get quite big... My first fish was a large mouth bass. I caught it on what I thought was going to be my cat fish rig. Half a hot dog hooked to a salt water bait caster and vwwahhh-lahhh. Sha-bang I had on the first fish of the night. Five minutes later I knock my rod over im so suprised because my corn hooked hook was getting eaten by what was my first carp ever. Somehow corn is the way to go... Zooom zoooom the fish fighting back and forth. Few minutes later its on shore. I used a 2lb test trout rod. (: Couldn't get any better than that.

bass caught on hot dog

1st carp ever caught on corn