Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1st Place

Vintage Board Contest

DLSA 60's Board Contest 2011

     Night before the contest, I was at a show watching my buddy play on stage for the first time and thankfully a friend called to ask what time I was going to the comp tomorrow...  I totally spaced it was the next day and to add to it.... I was board-less. It's 10:30pm, comp is tomorrow morning, and I have NO board to ride.... I call my best friend Christian Wach to see if he could help me find a board or if he knew anyone with one that I could borrow.... Somehow a few month prior, he purchased a vintage David Nuuhiwa Noserider. He has never ridden it, nor was it even waxed. He was in Nicaragua at the moment and without hesitation he said "DUDE, RIDE MY BOARD!!!" I was scared as sh*t to even ride such a monumental board and also the possibility of dinging it etc etc etc!!!  He insisted i ride it and to just do him a favor and do my best (:    WOOOOooooooo

     Arrived at 6:30am to sign up and check heat times.... The waves were non existent and to add to it, the tide was higher than mt. everest..... The particular wave the contest was being held at, breaks best on a low tide.  I decided to call it off and go home to pack for my upcoming trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico....  I get a message from Bing Copeland applauding for me to kill it in the contest and to make Bing Surfboards proud... I had to do the comp..... I had to...

     I drive back down to check the conditions.... I have to do the contest... I just have to.... I swear the wave gods heard me wishing for better waves and I walk up to the comp to only find the tide has dropped to a perfect height, south wind turned to offshore, and the sun was shining through!

     (Loud Speaker) "Kameron Brown, you have 5 minutes till your heat and need to check in." Of course the board is not even waxed and my wetsuit is back in my van.... I ran 100 miles per hour and have never waxed a board and/or put a wetsuit on faster than that in my whole life. Prolly a world record.... I hit the water's edge with 15 seconds till my heat starts.....   barely made it...

     Contest lasted all day..... heat after heat..... wetsuit change after wetsuit change (Thanks Coral Reef Wetsuits).....

Best 60's Board Ever Possibly

1st Place Baby..... and so STOKED!

Special Thanks to:
David Nuuhiwa 

Mister Hall

-Nolan Hall-
          Good friend of mine and a very good photographer. Anything he can get his hands on, he seems to master it and do very well... An adaptive man here to create smiles and good memories....
-san onofre, california-

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Captain Barbosa and his raid on LOWER TRESTLES
-some serious soft top shredding-

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The "KB Model" by Jeff McCallum. 

Made for having fun.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicken Got Out



     Since being home from Australia, fishing has been a huge thing on my mind. Good buddy Bobby got his first boat and secretly bought, fixed, and dialed everyday while I was on my trip in Oz. just so I could come home to a fish-ready boat! The morning I got arrived, got home, threw my stuff on my floor, packed my fishing gear, and was out the door in a matter of 15 minutes. Dana Point is out backyard and will be the testing grounds for the "Tin-Can". We got it in the water and were surprised to see it floating (:  The boat worked perfect, everything was perfect. The best bass boat anyone could ask for. We surprisingly killed it. We're pulling up fish left and right. "Wow...... how nice is this compared to fishing in our kayaks?"

     Newport Harbor was out next destination. All started off with a 4am wake up call..... Loaded the boat and were off. This is our first time launching out of Newport with our boat and we are kind of wondering how this is all going to unfold as the day goes on. Hopefully everything works again. We fished for 9 hours straight ..... with no sunscreen. Probably the worst idea I ever had... Besides the loss of a few layers of skin... we ended up catching pretty much every fish inside that harbor.

     Now the ready deal. We know our boat works. We know it works well for fishing. We don't know if it can handle swell? One calmish day, we decide to take a 7 mile trek into open waters in our 12 foot aluminum to one of our honey holes. 35 minutes and one set of soaking wet clothes later, we barely arrived...... BAM.. SHABANG.... SLAY.... WACK......POW...BAM......  fish after fish.... We drove ourselves into this massive kelp patty throwing jigs in every possible direction.

 If you know what kind of fish this is, you should tell me. I would love to know.

 Alien Fish
What is this thing?


 Fattest Bay Bass you'll ever see...

 Secret Spot 
Orange County

catch and release bomba clad 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

That White Stuff Is Snow

This is Newport Beach, California.... and this is why I don't want to leave Australia?


Friday, April 8, 2011

My Brother

          For those of you who don't know, I have an older brother Kaelin Brown, born July 14, 1987. He is training and working very hard to become a nurse, and is an EMT for San Clemente ER at the moment. Has been through pretty much everything with me since we were just little guys. Always doing sports together, fishing, camping, skating, etc. together. Couldn't ask for a better friend.
          Just recently on March 28th, my brother had his entire head, face, and eyebrows shaved off to help raise money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation to help fight pediatric cancer. The event raised over $150,000 for the foundation. The event had a great turnout of people and I know many, many kids and adults had their faces filled with smiles. Maybe next year..... i'll be the one in that chair?? :0

From this.....

To this....

Love you dude... You're the rad

Click here for the story.


who is kameron brown??!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spent a few weeks in noosa hanging out with Morgan, and it was probably the best few weeks here.... If you look up 'amazing person/photographer' in the dictionary..... you will see a photo of him. He has recently started working for Surfer Magazine and know he is here to stay. 

Matt Williams

Harrison Roach