Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good friends of mine Bobby Harrison and Adam Page, took me on what was my first fresh water night fishing, for carp! I thought carp were pooy fish that smelled and deserved to not be alive but, I come to find out they are of the best fighting, very smart fresh water fish. These things can get quite big... My first fish was a large mouth bass. I caught it on what I thought was going to be my cat fish rig. Half a hot dog hooked to a salt water bait caster and vwwahhh-lahhh. Sha-bang I had on the first fish of the night. Five minutes later I knock my rod over im so suprised because my corn hooked hook was getting eaten by what was my first carp ever. Somehow corn is the way to go... Zooom zoooom the fish fighting back and forth. Few minutes later its on shore. I used a 2lb test trout rod. (: Couldn't get any better than that.

bass caught on hot dog

1st carp ever caught on corn

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