Thursday, September 23, 2010


Somehow it was 8:45 p.m. wednesday and got this great idea to go fishing... Try this new spot we thought might actually have cat fish. If it's true, we'd be getting double hook ups all night, drags wizzin', us a laughin.

We ended catching the biggest skunk I have ever caught! Nothing! Not one fish.... not one bite.... hahaha shit... But, at least I know to never go there again and if anyone ever asks where good cat fishing is, i'll know where to send em ;).

Long story short, I was in Albertson's in Dana Point getting bait, (chicken livers and hotdogs.. my favorite) and I see this bright SHINING object outa the corner of my eye. It's this freakishly dressed guy resembling some sort of Michael Jackson, David Bowie contraption with a shiny silver head turban thingy, nails as long as acrylics on women in the 80's, and some sort of rad Nepolian Dynimite moon shoes.

Managed to take a photo of him in action. His name is Scott. (:


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