Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kitty Kruelty

So, while Christian and I were in Texas with our fellow friend and photographer, Jon Steele, we noticed that there was quite an abundance of animal life from fish to deer, cats to pigs, and all in between. Jon's mother has an amazing abode among the quite streets of Corpus Christi and cares quite a bit about her property and the cleanliness of it. She has an amazing and very clean swimming pool, gorgeous flowers that cover her yard, and a bird feeder that has a plethora of birds of all colors and sizes. Well, one day I venture off to check out how the birds live togethe......!!!!! HOLY CRAPPPP!!!! Before I could even begin to take in beautiful mother nature, I see a poor cat scared out of its mind, trapped inside of a POSSUM trap! "Damnnn varmints!", yells out Mrs. Steele. I couldn't believe that poor thing was in that cage. Mrs. Steele tells me that this certain cat has been attacking and killing her birds that come to her feeder everyday. And she wouldn't be as ticked off if the cat would eat the birds after it kills them,but no, the cat just leaves the bird right there on the ground, dead. She says this is a devil cat loves the pure enjoyment of just murdering innocent little birds. "Butt still!", I say to Mrs. Steele. The poor kitty has apparently been stuck in this cage for the past 3 days!! hahaha So after some more talking and some information on how cats in the area have rabies and how they have way more diseases than we do here in California, she settles me down and tells me the city will be here tomorrow to pick up the cat and I won't have to look at it anymore.

Texan Cat
Day 3

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