Monday, April 26, 2010

hit the deck

It all started my first week in Australia. I could'nt hold back anything. Oppourtunites were more than inviting for me. I did not want to pass up anything as I know i'd look back and ask myself the very so commen question,"Why did'nt you just charge?".

So one day we were all down at first point for Tom Wegener's birthday when Finley, Tom's son, politely asked me if I wanted to try his 'new', 'top of the line' skate board. "YEAH DUDE!", was all I could say. Grabbed the board and started booking it up the hill towards nationals. Meanwhile, it had been raining all day and the road was nice and sandy..... but who cares. (: 

This is how it should be done...

-Finley Wegner

Slash, slash, slash. I was carving first point hill will some serious speed hooting. This board was so fun and so fast somehow. It all came to a screeching hault when I carved to extreme to only find myself flying through the sky at high speeds. WHACK! I landed on my ass and my elbow. Bounced staraight to my feet and started running. Owww.oww.oww.oww...ouch... shit ..ahhh ....f*% k. The pain really started to kick in when everyone was laughing and I could'nt walk anymore.

Smashed myself....  


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