Saturday, June 26, 2010

Noosa Heads

For the past 2 years I have been traveling to Noosa Heads, Australia around the month of March for a contest, The Noosa Festival of Surfing. They have divisions in every kind of longboard surfing you could imagine. Anything from tandem surfing, to Old Mal heats.

A legend by the name of Tom Wegener, has put his time in at the Noosa points surfing everyday, anything, everything that came his way. He moved here years ago, started a family and has created a very widely known brand of surfboards. Tom has re-created boards from ancient times using all kinds and styles of wood and anything else you could possibly imagine. The alaia is, in comparison, a light finless wood board used by the Hawaiians (and other island people) for fun in the surf. The olo ia a very large and heavy solid wood board, used by the kings. Both boards were made without fins and was more concentrated on the contour of the rails and bottom. Tom Wegener made and still makes these significant masterpieces and surfs them today.

The contest director, Phil Jarratt, has added a finless division. Boards of all shapes sizes would rise amongst the crowd and start flooding the beach for this amazing event. All boards are of course, finless. (:

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