Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can I get ya'll some swet tea?

Tay Has

About a week ago, my best friend Christian Wach and free-lance photographer, Jon Steele invited me to take a trip to SE Texas to surf some texan beach breaks, hunt down some intense Tanker waves, and promote Jon's newest film 'Jazz The Glass'. We arrived at the beach a day late and got the infamous quote, "Shoulda' been here yesterday ya'll." The swell had just barely passed and the waves were about ankle high. We made the best of it and went for a surf. South Padre Island here we come!

10' Bing Kameron Brown Model by:

Jail Break Boardies by

Christian Wach
5' 12" Mini Noserider

Ended up being quite a fun session. I always have fun somehow! :) So, for the next week we will be traveling up and down the SE coast searching for waves, promoting Jon's movie, and rocking out with the band 'Will Crum', that traveled from Cali to rock out at our art shows. Check 'em out.

More on tanker waves later!



bandit chief said...

cheers bro! good to see you doing some work!


yuta said...

感謝 sick....Kanji zina:)