Monday, November 23, 2009


The day came so quick when my Dad and I were finally off to the Mentawai Islands. Our day started off early with a flight out of LAX. Like I always do, I stay awake staring at the head rest in front of me because I can't seem to get comfortable any which way I sit in my seat. We had so may hours to travel, I couldn't even begin to think how much longer we had to go.

Baby Panda

We finally got to Honk Kong around 12 hours later. We really only had enough time to check out the weird electronics and eat some very interesting food. Before we knew it, we were back on the plane. Only 6 my hours to go..... just great huh. ahaha Same ol' deal went on the plane. Once again, we arrive at the other airport in Jakarta, Indonesia. We just got a massage and walked around until our next connecting flight to Padang. Just talking about all this traveling makes me tired. It was quite the energy drainer but once we arrived in Padang and were picked up, we felt quite relieved. We were driven a couple hours down the coast to a huge harbor where our boat, The Midas, was. The boat where we would be for the next 2 weeks.

After a group safety meeting upstairs, we were told to find bunks down below and everyone scurries down below the decks to try and find what one would call, "the best bunk". Some how I came up on the best room on the boat. 2 bunks with 2 couches, private room with private bathroom and flat screen. Starting the trip off with a happy dad is always a good thing!

I wake up to light blinding me and can't understand why! My little porthole window blinds were open and the sun was shining through into my eyes. I get up to shut the blinds and I look out the window to only see machine-like tubes barrell by. I run upstairs so fast, got my board and was out there in a matter of seconds.

I probably got some of the gnarliest waves I have ever surfed in my life on this morning. Before I caught my first wave, I sat and watched many people get kegged out of their minds multiple time before I paddled to the peak. Before I could say hippopotamus, I was flying inside of this crystal clear barrel and out came Kameron on
his 7' 2" Wayne Lynch Gun! haAHAHA

I couldn't yet explain how much surfing that took place on this boat. We had so many dedicated guys willing to surf 3+ times a day no matter what. I was super fortunate to have such a nice set of guys. The scenery of blue skies and luscious forests with great waves probably helped contribute the good vibes that everyone was giving off. I owe a lot to Indonesia and the surf that is produced there. It reminded me again that mother nature can take one's life at any moment so be careful and be ready at all times. Here's a few photos from the trip! Hope you get a chance to go there. Life changing trip for sure :)

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