Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lost In The Land

Australia...... amazing. Can't really explain in words about how much I love this country. I have been traveling the East coast of Oz. for the past month now and have surfed everything from ankle slappin sliders to overhead caving barrels. The people I have met here are the whole reason why this trip has been so good. I now have amazing friends that have taken care of me and set me in many of the "correct" directions of travel.

My trip started off in Noosa Heads,QLD (north east-ish corner) and have made my way to the northern beach of Sydney, NSW. I've been jumping from house to house, plane to plane, bus to bus, to only find myself meeting more and more amazing people. The culture here is so unique. Even the girls...... wow.... the girls....... are seriously the most gorgeous women I think i have ever set my eyes on. :) People take so much pride in their things here. I know there will always be the dirt-nasties, but in general, the society, as a whole, are very interesting and very 'well behaved'.

I have just barely touched base on how my trip has been going and will be telling more and more stories in these next few days. Someoneeeeeee (named Kameron) left his photo importing adapter in Noosa Heads when he went traveling. hahaha My trip is almost to an end.... unfortunately. But I now fallen back in LOVE with Australia once more.... I didn't think that anything could possibly be better than my last trip here. I want to say thank you to so many people just for their great hospitality, but without my good friend Harrison Roach.... I really don't think I could have done half the amazing things I did last year without him.

I could go on and on but I am in the city of Sydney at the moment and need to get these feet-a-walking. Opera house, sydney harbor, bridge, etc etc etc here I come.


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