Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos

Love This Man

To my best amigo, Christian Wach. I can not believe you are 21 now. Life flies by when you're having fun. Thanks for all the good times and always being that friend I can count on.
"This is the night you're never going to forget". All you can eat sushi and all the drinks till you cant see, with a good set of friends, is what I call an A+ night. Thanks Laremo for driving us in the Streamline and Hannah for making a very delicious peanut butter chocolate cake (:




The Gang




ms. corbett

Captain Laremo (:
thanks dude

somehow this drink is called a muffdiver.... and you can't use your hands to take the shot?




good vibes..
thanks mahe

After many hours of good fun, he couldn't help but to dance in the rain. His smile could be seen a mile away.

I highly recommend those who are turning 21, to make sure you shred the dance floor, hang with good people, eat ONO GRINDZ, have good times, have shots with limes.... and just do what you want. Make it a night that can never be forgotten. You only turn 21 once....

feliz cumpleanos c.Wach-iss

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Sea Walk said...

Dude that was aqesome Kam! LOVE it !! You're the man dude I love you too!