Monday, January 17, 2011

Hand Shaped

There's always those times when you know you need a new board. Get all worked up with all these ideas of colors and rockers and size and length and and and and the list goes on. You need to find out who is going to shape your board along with price and time and where and who and how and why?
Making surfboards is not an east thing to do. Remember back to your last board when it took 3 weeks longer than expected and still didn't come out "right". There's always time of waiting and wondering when it is being built. I went beyond those boundaries and came up with the idea to make my own surfboard. Called up a few friends and off to the shop I was.
I have so much more respect for clear glass jobs and perfected glass jobs along with laminators that can match a color by 'eye'. There is so much perfection in this industry it blows my mind. I think perfection is the main factor in docking companies as 'the best factory'. Everything from measuring the catalyst to cutting the laps..... took me by surprise.
Here are some photos of my very first surfboard..... Nugget Chaser #1.. hang 2010


Mark Fradley said...

Rock on Kameron it looks RAD

PLATTY said...

Well done Kameron. I've been following it from the start. Love the tail.

Kameron Brown said...

Thanks so much. I am so stoked to have finally finished. Is a dream come true for sure.