Monday, January 10, 2011


I was in Australia this past year for 3 months and encountered many things. This was at my buddy Matt Cuddihy's local sandy stretch, Marcus Beach. A hatching of turtles right before our eyes. What seemed like 100's of baby turtles came rushing out of this tunnel of a hole in the sand. It seemed as though they all had a group meeting before they all broke the surface. One after another, they instantaneously climbed out of the sand and started booking it towards the ocean. Not one turtle hesitated..... even with us 'humans' being present.
All in all, a small team of volunteers were present making sure every little turtle was taken care of and okay for departure. They made sure I did not touch any of these baby turtles..... or else I'd have one as a pet at this very moment <(")penguins

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