Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Martha Kameron Brown

If you didn't know, I love food. I love cooking food, preparing food, smelling food, and mosttly I love eating food. I have always been in the kitchen with my dad making meals since was just a little guy.  Last night I cooked one of the most amazing chicken dishes I think ever. 

What we have here is 2 organic chicken breasts stuffed with bacon and swiss cheese. I pan fried the chicken and bacon then tossed it in the oven on broil 'till browned! I threw in some delicious carrots and onions with the dish and it only made the aroma in my kitchen that much better.


Home made secret 'chicken topper' sauce
& don't forget the sriracha !


dinner is served


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Sea Walk said...

krip. You should make some chicken with deer stuffed in it... ;) call it cheer