Sunday, February 6, 2011

To: whomever

Kameron Brown, as we know him, has finally started the process of becoming a man. Life has turned upside down for the better. Life as a child seems so easy consisting of chocolate candies, staying up late watching south park, and not taking showers. \'''/ shaka to that. But life is quite hard when it comes down to the grand scheme of things. Paying bills, buying groceries and toilet paper and shampoo and laundry detergent, being on time to work, working many hours, etc. are just a few things to add to the now enlarging list of "growing up?"
My number one thought at the moment is how the heckk do I make it to Australia this year when I need to pay for rent and bills? Or how do all these surfers travel to the sickest places in the world and have the same bills as I do? I figured out that waiting tables in San Clemente is a lot different than collecting a check from a sponsor. My plans are to keep smiling, having fun, traveling, and surfing everyday till maybe one day I will have that "sponsor" or job that will give me the opportunity to travel the globe and experience God's wonderful creations.
I am here to strive for the best. I want to do everything to my fullest and use what I learn/ know to better people around me and hopefully I can one day inspire people all around the world. I believe the reason for us being here on this round earth is to simply enjoy life, smile, be happy, and love. I am not going to stop doing what I love. I am searching and searching for the right thing for me to do now as a 21 year old that can boost my stoke on growing up and can allow me to do what I love. Laird Hamilton once said..... the harder you can work, the harder you can play. I've tried to implement that into my day to day life. I work in a restaurant now but I have a good feeling for what my future has to offer and I know I'm ready for it.
Just writing this has really given me a boost in really wanting to figure things out. There comes a time in everyones life when the 'ol parents tell you it's time for you to move out and figure things out. I have just experienced this a week and a half ago. Life hit me square in the face and I'm here to fight back. I need to line all my ducks in a row and get my ass to Australia. 'SAVING' is going to be my word for the month. I have pretty much one month until I would leave for Oz. Work, save, work, save, SANO SHRED, work, save, sano, work, work, save, no beer, save. hahahahah Going to cross my fingers and K.B. hopefully will be seeing you all in Noosa Heads, Australia 2011


Hannah said...

Go Kam! You can do it!! :)

Brett Caller said...

yeah K.B life is yours go get it.
I'll have a cold one waiting for you in OZ bro.
Keep up the routine work,save,work,shred, work,work,work,shred,save...yew.

brittney-hellaina said...

you are an amazing person kam. i'm a lucky girl to have some one like you in my life :}