Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Told Ya I Like To Fish

Okay so, it was just an averagely normal night, out on the town with a few friends, kick'n back a couple brews. Our spot for the night is a local bar in dana point called Hennessys. They have great beers on tap and delicious comfort food like burgers and potatoes skins and even shepard's pie.... We decide to venture right next door to  hennessys sister bar, the fish bucket. It is connected to hennessys but is more of a party room with music and dancing floor. Not really my style but drinks are 1/2 off and there are many gorgeous women flocking so why not go check it out... Order my beer (a bloody beer actually), and look over at my buddy bobby. He's dying of laughter and screams out for me to come over and "CHECK THIS OUT".

You know those arcade style machines the kids play that are filled with toys or candy or stuffed animals? Well this is the exact same thing, only instead of stuffed animals...... it s freaking holding tank filled with LIVE LOBSTERS??? Like, are you freaking kidding me? Living animals, inside a machine, where intoxicated humans pay $2 to try and scoop out a lobster. It says if you get a lobster, they will cook it right then and there for free, on the house.

Bobby looks at me and says " Kameron...... I believe in you." Just those few words got me so amped, I HAD TO TRY AT LEAST ONCE! He even kindly split the cost with me.... $2 goes in the machine... I have bobby on the side of the tank helping me guide this "CLAW OF DEATH" in the perfect spot. We picked out this one in particular lobster. It was the only one that was actually standing up on his feet. I could hear the lobster screaming out.... "EATTT ME, EATTTT ME" haHAHhahah

Long story, longer..... I lock it in place........ and times up. The claw drops down, into the water, closer and closer to the lobster it goes.....

HOLY SH*T....... I got it??!!!! DUDE I GOT IT!!! BOB WEEEEE GOTTT A LOBSTER.. The freaking machine grabbed the lobster and started bringing him up. We are so close but so far. The claw has to first off grab the lobster, then bring him upward... Up and fully out of the water and continue moving a couple feet to the drop box.....     The freakin lobster didn't move a millimeter... I couldn't believe it...

We're inches from the drop box and you can hear this noise in the background getting louder and louder and LOUDER.... *kurrrPLOP*  The lobster is released from the claw of death.... into the lovely "collect here" box. (:

I have never in my life, heard a bar, get that loud..... EVERYONE was freaking out screaming and yelling! The bartenders were tripping out asking me how the hell did I manage to get that freakin animal out of there? "I've seen people spend $100 on this machine and never, have I seen someone get one?"

I grabbed the little 'bug' of an animal, and literally walk over to the kitchen and drop the LIVE LOBSTER in the food window...

Little to the left.... no to the right... okay back... no forward
..... OK OK.. we got it....

lobster in transport



Ramsnake said...

Great story Kam. Well bloody done! When are you getting back to Oz? I think BC must be missin' ya as he keeps showing us movies of you logging!

Kameron Brown said...

whos the mysterious man behind ramsnake!? you have some rad blogs!! inspiring! and whos BC? ill be in noosa heads on the 7th! cant wait.. yeww

shaka \'''/