Friday, April 1, 2011


     Okay so, this is probably one of "the best" trips I have ever been on in my life. I have scored some of the best waves of my life, seen seriously the hottest women, met the hottest women, enjoyed some real deal parties, got thrown the best birthday party, caught my first australian fish, eaten the best food, went to double island point for the first time (magical days), lucked out on the sunniest warmest weather, have been taken care of by some great friends (thank you harrison roach and matt williams), and have gotten more tip time and tube time then I could ever ask for. 

     I arrived on March 5 and the funny thing is that I was supposed to leave the 25th of March and have again extended my ticket another 3 weeks. My flight out date is the April 19 and I realllllly don't want that day to come. I think one day I will come here and probably never go home. This place feels like my home.. away from home. 

     This next week is forecasting for perfection of waves..... again. I think australia knew I was coming.

cyrus got pregnant

 most beautiful girl possibly ever

are you kidding me? first fish on a hand reel. whiting


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