Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Itchy Arms

I could not believe the day when I finished shaping my board. I could not believe there was nothing left to do.... Not one thing. Somehow hours and hours of work just stopped... It was time for a huge step. Out of the shaping room and into the lamming room. But I didn't have a room... or racks... or lights... or....? really anything. I had a box full of resins, catalyst, tapes, squeeges, buckets, and sticks... but no where to glass it. My best friend Christian Wach opened his arms, and invited me to the Canvas Surfboards factory to let me finish my board. My board needs to be laminated, hot coated, sanded, polished and I have to opportunity to do all of this, in one location.This will be my first board to ever laminate and also my first board to have ever shaped. I remember when Maxx took me to Bashams to get my blank and supplies, all I could ask myself was.. what the heck are you getting yourself into?.... Before long, I found out it was a lot more sweat and work, then I ever originally thought hahah (: I have put countless, hard working hours into this board and somehow only got to finish the lamination as of today. Today was the birth of the very first, Nugget Chaser by Kameron Brown.
There are so many things to do wrong in making a surfboard. I have so much more respect for people in the surfboard crafting industry. Surfboard making is all about perfection. Anything and everything from shaping to taping to painting to everything, all requires a high level of perfection.
Here's a few memories of laminating my very surfboard. November 24, 2010....21 years old... and so freakin stoked.

I can't wait to get this thing in the water.. and get on tip. I'm still not sure wether to glass in a fin or just get a box? I am off to Kauai the 26th for 3 weeks and will finish her then. Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. If you only do what you know you can do, you'll never do very much.

mix da resins


Nick said...

Great job man! that board looks sweet. What kind of fin are you going to put on?
Shoot me an email if you are in Honolulu, it'd be great to surf sometime!
Aloha ;)

Dan said...

Thanks for the kind words to us board builders and welcome to the family!

Red Perspective