Monday, November 8, 2010

The Lovely Life

Life has a purpose. It can be whatever you choose, or make it out to be. I choose it to be something to enjoy and something to explore and laugh about. This is my time here to have fun and do things that make me laugh. It sucks that it takes for me to hike miles and miles into a barren, undomesticated land, to realize what living is all about. We're are here as little organisms to live and flourish on this earth in any way possible, what ever it may be. Basket weave, wake board, ski mtn. everest, or backpack the upper kern river and trout fish? Do what makes you happy.

Here are a few photos from my trip to the kern river. A 3 day, 2 night adventure in one of Mother Natures finest lands. (: Good friends of mine Bobby Harrison and Grant Walker backpacked our lives into the forest of the south sierras in search of trout infested rivers and good times. We left Dana Point, CA at 430 am with a car full of good vibes and fishy eagerness.

North Face pack, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, tent, stove, propane, waders, wading boots, 2 fly rods, 2 fly reels, dry flies, nymphs, nats, net, peanut butter, tin foil, power bars, trail mix, socks, undies, pants, shorts, t shits, tooth paste, tooth brush, q tips, deodorant, whistle, mirror, hat, sunglasses, camera, 12 pack of beer, guayaki shots, tea, coffee, pancake mix, grits, knife, lighter, allergy pills, tarp, dehydrated meals (:, granola bars, skittles, etc etc etc etc.. you name it... I had it. Sponsored by Dad..... he brought me to a local outdoors store and hooked me up with the top of the line, lightest stuff known for backpacking. Made things a lot easier.

me, bobby, and grant

undies, long underwear, pants, socks, waders, tshirt, longsleeve, windbreaker, jacket, gloves, beanie, and still cold? hahah


warmth was a nice thing

Planning ahead for these kind of trips are always imporant for corrcect survival and even corrct fishing conditions. Grant checked the forecast and informed us to bring a poncho or some sort of rain equiptment. Grant and I thankfully packed a tarp because during the afternoon on Saturday, rain started to come in fast. Fishing calm, perfect waters to intense winds and chaotic conditions. Bobby and I were fishing together and found our selves running full speed back to camp to seek cover. We each got to camp with nothing to hide in. Wind and rain pelting us, we had to find shelter. We could result to our tents by laying in them all afternoon, but we had food to eat, and river chilled beer to consume. I came up with this idea. The Kern Tarp Shelter thanks to mother nature.

this is actually before we made our makeshift tarp shelter. made me realize bringing a tarp with you is a vital necessity wether it be shade from the sun/elements or a shelter from the rain to keep warm.

my home for the next 3 days

worlds worst knot. in fly fishing, there are many, many knots in order to connect multiple lines ranging anything from fly line to 50 lb mono, or a 6x tippet to a fly. 12 gram split shots 8 inches from your first fly with 2 trailing nymphs is sometimes hard to cast with heavy brush cover and times of frustration makes you want to punch someone in the face (:

camp again

cheers to the good life


native wild brown trout of the upper kern river

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