Friday, August 27, 2010

A.S.R. & Sacred Craft

The yearly A.S.R. and Sacred Craft show. What a deal they put on this year. Somehow the both were in the same building during the same weekend. I think it was a very smart thing. Some of the best companies in action sport and of course, surfing, we're all packed and combined into these two trade shows.

The A.S.R. was a private trade show. For those who don't know, A.S.R. stand for Action Sport Retailer.It is held for retailers and store buyers to get informed with new and old companies in the industry. Everything from half naked women handing out energy drinks to very serious business men.... just trying to get some work done? hahaha

Sacred Craft was a public show that anyone could attend. Over 7000 people came to this event. This was the biggest Sacred Craft I have seen. Very organized and well thought out expo. Guayaki-Yerba Mate, Matunas Wax, and Bing surfboards was there along with what felt like a thousand other surf related companies. Row after Row of the radest stuff being crafted today. Not to metion a "Shape-Off" between todays best shapers. A Plexiglass shaping bay for everyone to see, shaping contest. Some of the most insane ideas were mowed into a foam masterpiece. Matt Biolas won the Masters Shape-off. Perfection. For the Young Guns shape off, it was an invitational of 4 shapers : Tyler Warren, Ryan Burch, Gary Strahle, and DJ Cane. First place goes to Ryan Burch with a perfectly balanced board with overall good flow and was very symmetrical. There task was to hack at an 11 foot blank. Shapers could shape any size or shape of surfboard.

Heres some photos.

the bull




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