Saturday, August 7, 2010

You Ess Open.

Huntington Beach, California

First time to the US open for me. The most infested, populated, single spot, on earth..... ever. I'd like to say about 500,000 + people were there today. Have never seen so many people. Different people at that. Everything from the very fit, gorgeous young women to the very, fat, hairy, old men. I did not see a single avaiable parking spot the entire time. Christian, Hannah, and I parked a good 15 minute inland walk from PCH. Felt like we were in fountain valley. hahaha

Anyways, for years the US Open was focused on performance surfing. They've had a peformance longboarding event for as long as I could remember and today, August 7, the US Open has dropped the performance side of longboarding and added an invite only, traditional loggin' contest. More focused on the roots of where surfing originated from. "You can’t wear a leash, you have to ride a single fin, your board has to weigh more than 12 pounds…" Sounds good to me. (:

The invitees included: Joel Tudor, Christian Wach, Harrison Roach, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Cody Simpkins, Herbie Fletcher, David Huuhiwa, Kevin Connelly, and Tyler Hatzikian. Total of 10. Personally, these guys, are the most influential surfers known to longboarding today. There are obviously more but in the grand scheme of thing, for a contest, they are a very good choice of 10.

I had the best opportunity to watch and have my best friend, Christian Wach, surf in this event. Made this whole thing a bit more special and memorable for myself.


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My new tuck

vee eye pee lounge

(: good job duder

love this guy

per ched joel perched


Jon Steele Photo said...

wow... truly cool... glad i took a look.... thanks for sharing...

Worm said...

best picture of tyler ever.

Steven said...

Best car ride i've had all week !