Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Craft of Surfboard Making

It was an everyday morning. Got up, made myself a nice cup of yerba mate, brushed the ol teeth, and it hit me right there smack in the face.... I need to make myself my very own surfboard. Started and finished by myself, Kameron Brown. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was flooding every thought I had. I just wanted to do it so bad.

Went home and ordered a planer that very day. A Hitachi- P20SB. Spent $100 and that's about as good as it gets. They run anywhere from 70$ to a couple thousand...? Found out my future planer is going to be a Skil 100.... Can pick a nice one for around $1000.

I really wasn't sure what I was getting myself into... I needed a shaping bay with lights, sanding blocks, screens, sureforms, etc., etc. Then I had to ask myself, "who's going to glass it and how much was this going to be?" I didn't know really anything about shaping or glassing. I've fixed a few dings and seen a couple shapers do a few passes with the planer but, I really didn't know anything else?

Decided to call up a good friend Maxx Dexter. He has been shaping for a bit of time now.. He learned the trade from one of today's top shapers, Robby Kegel. I loved the look and shapes of all his boards. Very clean boards with great flow. He told me to get my things together and were going to get supplies. " I'll help you throughout the process, but I want you to do everything from start to finish.. and yes that means glassing it Kameron"

Bashams was my next stop. 10'2" Green-B (1" basswood), 25 feet of fiberglass, 1-gallon laminating resin, 2-quarts sanding resin, 1-pint catalyst, buckets, stirring sticks, squeegees, and the list goes on. I'm finally ready...?

Yesterday, August 27th, 2010, I dove into what was my 1st day crafting a surfboard. Pulled out the blank, set it on the racks, combined curves and certain aspects of my favorite boards to now have the most amazing template known to man. (: hahah

For today, I just drew up and cut out the board. More to come with this project. No rushing. I'll keep updating and writing about my travels with this wonderful piece of foam! Can't wait to get on the tip.

Surfboards by Kameron (:


Maxx's Secret Shaping Layer
10'2" B-Green -1/2" in nose

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