Friday, August 6, 2010

Six Chirty The Trestle

Decided to have another Trestle sesh this morning. 6:30 ... parking lot.. be there. Some good times here lately! I've acquired an amazing way to carry a log to the trestle..... On top of your head. Like Sudan women. Very smart. thanks mike black (:

Kinda like this.

Makes the walk a lot easier. I would ride a bike but.... sometimes you gotta just walk it. Great exercise.... not the greatest of fun. hahah Here's a few clips of our tip this am. Oh, and a huge thing i forgot to add..... I saw the biggest dolphins known to man kind this morning. I get out of the water after session 2, take a few shots and gosh darn-it the things just jumped out of the water. By far, the best wave catchers, and wave surfers. Amazing huge and powerful creatures.. enjoi

the walk-

the doll fins-

baby matt suckle-

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